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April 1, 2009

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Hello, My name is Paul Futher and this is my personal space on the internet.

I am in the enviable position of experiencing a career change. I wanted something more in my life. Not necessarily money either, but more. Call it finding myself if you wish. Currently I am career searching and building my skill set including more advanced certification from Microsoft. I have been using the services of Northern Lights Canada and participating in career counseling and coaching programs. Good stuff actually.

This blog is not new. Below is an explanation of the rational for its creation. The blog itself has changed (evolved, moved forward) not unlike myself and the economy. The Chinese seem to have had it correct all along. As we are in fact living in interesting times.

I started this blog back in 2007. The purpose was to post monthly results for a model trading account that was started four years ago. The model trades were created in real time. The model account was set up to test a portfolio of option calendar spreads. Hence the title “spread the risk”. The model proved a success. The strategies and lessons learned over a four year period are being put to use for my own trading efforts. The results of the model account are published on this site.

Please note two important data points. First, the reports end on February 2008. There are reasons for that but they are not important. Second, the portfolio itself was created with fake money. The trades were all done in real time, but the money, alas, was not real.

This was after all a model.



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